Unhealthy retirement?

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Authors Mazzonna F., Peracchi F.
Type Journal Article
Year 2017
Language Italian
Abstract We investigate the causal effect of retirement on health and cognitive abilities by exploiting the panel dimension of the first two waves of the Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) and the variation between and within European countries in old age retirement rules. We show evidence of substantial heterogeneity in the effect of retirement across occupational groups. In particular, we find that retirement increases the age-related decline of health and cognitive abilities for most workers. On the other hand, we find evidence of a positive immediate effect of retirement for those employed in highly physically demanding jobs.
Journal Journal of Human Resources
Volume 52
Number 1
Start page number 128
End page number 151
Website http://jhr.uwpress.org/content/early/201...
DOI 10.3368/jhr.52.1.0914-6627R1
Keywords Aging; health; cognitive abilities; retirement; occupation.


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