Learner Engagement in a Tourism MOOC: Analysis of an Online Survey

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Autori Lin J., Cantoni L.
Tipo Articolo pubblicato in rivista scientifica
Anno 2017
Lingua Inglese
Abstract Improving the learner engagement is believed to be one remedy for reducing the long criticized high dropout rate in Massive Open Online Courses. Among various methods of measuring the learner engagement, the self-report through the survey is often used together with the direct observation through learning analytics generated by the MOOC platform. This study adapted the UKES MOOC Engagement Research Survey in a tourism MOOC and analyzed the returned survey data mainly related to the seven Engagement Indicators and participants’ demographic profiles. Results showed that the overall learner engagement level of this MOOC scored 3.4 out of 7.0. Males were more collaborative than females in the MOOC. The unemployed younger generation with less education was much more engaged in the learning process than the older generation with full-time jobs. Implications and suggestions based on these results are at the end of the paper.
Rivista submitted and under review
Mese maggio
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