Artistic and religious experiences in online travel reviews about Saint Paul Outside the walls (Rome)

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Autori De Ascaniis S., Cantoni L.
Tipo Atti di conferenza
Anno 2013
Lingua Inglese
Abstract Word-of-mouth (WOM) is a social dynamic naturally occurring in the interaction among people, and represents the elective channel to share experiences. Thanks to web 2.0, WOM has gained a new significance: users now have a number of opportunities to voice their opinions and, conversely, to inform their decision thanks to advice from other users. The study presented is a first investigation of tourism experiences at a religious site shared on an online review platform. A corpus of Online Travel Reviews about the Roman Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls published on TripAdvisor served as a case study, to answer questions related to functional, content and semantic-linguistics aspects of religious tourism experiences reported online. In particular, the role of artistic religious sites as mediator for religious experiences is investigated.
Editore Konstantinos Andriotis
Pagina inizio 160
Pagina fine 173
Nome conferenza ICOT 2013, International Conference on Tourism
Luogo conferenza Limassol, Cyprus
Data conferenza 5-8 June 2013
ISBN 9789963979929
ISSN 1986-4256
Parole chiave online travel review, religious tourism, world heritage site, artistic and religious experience