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Business Intelligence and Application


The course develops a working knowledge of the principles, architectures, and tools for Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence. It addresses enterprise data integration and knowledge management, data mining and business intelligence. It gives an outlook on emerging data architectures, with focus on social network structures. It also presents agile and model-driven enterprise application development, using OMGs Model Driven Architecture. The notion of model is illustrated, with different modeling languages (E-R and IFML). Course outline: Data management architectures. OLAP and OLTP. Data warehouse architecture and design. Data Mining: clustering, classification, association rules. Random networks, small-world networks, centrality measures. Enterprise Application Development. Model Driven Engineering, OMG’s MDA. Entity-Relationship. Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML). Web/SOA application building with WebRatio. The evaluation consists of a written exam and of a project assignment.




Class handouts.

  • Interaction Flow Modeling Language: Model-Driven UI Engineering of Web and Mobile Apps with IFML (The MK/OMG Press) Paperback – December 3, 2014
    Marco Brambilla  (Author), Piero Fraternali
  • Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications; Stefano Ceri, Piero Fraternali, Aldo Bongio, Marco Brambilla, Sara Comai, Maristella Matera. The Morgan-Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems: Jim Gray, Series Editor, December 2002, ISBN 1-55860-843-5.
  • Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques; Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, and Jian Pei, 3rd edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011.



Fraternali P.

Course director

Martinenghi D.

Course director

Aquino A.


Niforatos E.


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Academic year
Master of Science in Management and Informatics, Core course, Lecture, 1st year