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Industrial Organization (Master in Management - 6 ects)


Campli P.

Course director

Pagani L.

Course director


Course objectives
• To learn about the sources of market power
• To understand the determinants of market concentration

Course description
The course presents an introduction to the modern theory of Industrial Organization. In most markets the assumptions of perfect competition are not met. We will work to understand the working of industries with limited competition and its implications both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. Aspects considered include basic monopoly and oligopoly theory; price competition; cartels; mergers and acquisitions. The final part of the course introduces the main concepts used in the analysis of regulation of network industries 

The course will alternate, on a weekly basis, between campus presence and online training. Attendance is recommended but not compulsory during the campus presence classes. Students are invited to use the iCorsi platform to receive all teaching materials 

Examination information
100% written final exam 

Required material
L. Pepall, D.J. Richards, G. Norman, Industrial Organisation: Contemporary Theory and Practice, Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA., 2008. th Edition

Additional material will be distributed during the course