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Munshi N. V.

Course director


Pre-requisites: Corporate Strategy


Educational Aim

The course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the importance of linking technology to corporate strategy and of the tools and techniques that will enable entry level managers to assist in development, implementation and management of technology strategy and innovation at the business and corporate levels to meet the competitive challenges of the knowledge-driven world economy in the 21st Century.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the course students will be able to:

  • Develop a technology strategy and integrate it with business unit andcorporate strategyin a global context using a variety of mechanisms, tools and techniques
  • Assist informed decision making and management of the IP and R&D portfoliosglobally to meet corporate objectives
  • Assist informed decision making and management of knowledge –based networks and strategictechnology alliances in a global context
  • Perform a supporting role in assisting informed decision-making in technology strategy by senior management and the Chief Technology Officer of a company

Teaching Format

The course comprises 13 sessions of contact time. While I will adhere to the session guidelines, there may be some changes in sessions based on class interaction and introduction of cases in class that may prove to be interesting to our class discussion. Students will be expected to spend at least an equivalent length of time in private study and additional time in doing their coursework.

The course will be taught through formal lectures, group exercises, problem-focused student presentations and discussions based on case-studies. It is expected that the course discussions will be highly interactive and all students will be strongly encouraged to participate.



  • R. A. Burgelman, C.M. Christensen, and S. C. Wheelwright, 2004. Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, 4th edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin.


Assessment: Coursework and final exam

Coursework (50% of overall grade) – group-based presentation

Final Exam (50% of grade) – individual multiple choice based exam


Enrollment required. Limited number of participants.