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Architecture in Ticino, 1945-2000 (MSTAA)


Navone N.



A Historical-Critical Itinerary Between Resistance and Disenchantment The course seeks to investigate the premises and the reasons that led to international critical acclaim of Ticinese architecture (and ultimately the foundation of the Mendrisio Academy itself). The lectures will be organized around transversal issues that will compare the experiences that unfolded in Ticino from the post-war years down to the present and set them in a broader context. These issues will include: the legacy of Le Corbusier in the second generation of the Moderns; the notion of “Functionalism”, embodied in the various senses that it gradually acquired in the post-war years; the relation with the site and the desire to give the Modern roots; the emergence of a territorial conception of architecture; the modern building and its “expressive” values.