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Production Design e World Building (MSTAA)


Hars-Tschachotin B.


Cipelletti S.



This seminar explores the process of production design – the transformation of ideas from paper to set to film. Each session is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. For this course we will choose several case studies of iconic production design sets of different films throughout film history – from silent films to digital film productions. The practical part will follow the usual workflow of a production designer: reading a script and extensive research, first scribbles and sketches, presentation of drawings, rough model building, budgeting and the description of the materials used for the space. The final presentation of a convincing presentation will include all necessary details, along with an explanation of how light, color and the activities of the actors play into the film set. The last hour of each four hour session will be dedicated to discussing the practical part of the seminar.