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Living, Dwelling and Building in the Alps(MSTAA)


Lorenzetti L.



"A socio-historical reading of the mountains" The course analyses the evolution of the Alpine territory from a threefold perspective. The first part (Living in the Alps) will bring out the dynamics of the Alpine population over the course of history; it will also examine the new forms of residence in the Alps as well as the evolution of the economic bases around which life in the mountains revolves. In the second part (Dwelling in the Alps), the course focuses on the various factors conditioning the architectural forms characteristic of the mountains; in addition to examining the influence of the environment on forms and strategies of settlement, it will analyse interpretational approaches to "traditional" and contemporary Alpine architecture. Finally, the third phase (Building in the Alps) focuses on the infrastructural processes of the Alps in relation to the development of urban areas and the road network and the growth of industry and tourism.