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Project I: Atelier Esch


Esch P.

Course director

Corsini P.


Schubiger S. C. R.



Architecture is considered to be the art of spatial interrelation. But it is at least as much the art of temporal interrelation. Because both aspects come together in the reuse of existing buildings, we are particularly touched by their ‘complexity and contradiction’. The urgency to develop sustainable strategies for building reminds us further to think back to the conversion, reuse and reinterpretation of what has already been built. 

In this context, the former Ziegelhof brewery in Liestal near Basel is an ideal test object: in the conglomerate of administrative and production buildings, the most diverse layers of time overlap. We will set up our studio on site for a few days, investigating the present and creating scenarios for the future of the place as a dense residential neighbourhood.


For centuries, rebuilding existing houses or putting together new buildings from old parts was at least as normal as building anew. Students will be asked to study, analyze, and document the existing building. In the project development they should deal with the topic of re-use and learn to develop a project in the existing building and to work out a sustainable concept. In addition, the students have to read various texts that follow the semester theme. These will then be studied and discussed together.

Learning methods

Lectures, Reading Circle, Study Trip, Reviews, Architectural Design

Examination information

Intermediate and final critics


Study trips

  • Basel, 29.09.22 - 01.10.22 (Compulsory)
  • Basel, 29.09.22 - 01.10.22 (Compulsory)