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The Culture of Media and Technology Companies


Zhang Z.

Course director


This module is composed of three main parts:

1. Theoretical introduction into basic concepts, terms, and models related to Corporate Culture, with a focus on media & technology companies and the wake of globalization and digitalization:

  • By focusing on “dimensions of culture”, students will learn how to differentiate the types of company culture and use such classification as tools to better understand how companies leverage culture as a source of sustainable competitive advantage.
  • By highlighting “continuity & resilience”, the lecture will bring students to acquire a long-term mentality of (media) companies in the digital age.
  • By discussing “digital disruption”, students are encouraged to critically think beyond the digital transformation and understand the key drivers that (may) essentially lead to business success/uniqueness nowadays.

2. The empirical part of the lectures discusses different cases across media & technology companies, including local media organizations that are based in Switzerland, international media companies which run business across the globe, tech companies of the Silicon Valley that set the principles and trends of the digital economy and rising tech companies from emerging markets that are striving for technology competence.

3. Reflection & inspiration involves student group discussions on different case studies. Topics could vary from the role of culture management in business performance, intercultural competence as a strategic asset for international business, and the transformation of media companies to the emerging media business.

Teaching mode

In presence