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Audiovisual Arts and Archives


Tescari V.

Course director


Audiovisual archives have acquired an increasingly important role and gained more scholarly attention which is importantly looking at the language and poetics of audiovisual artists and filmmakers. These are best represented by artists such as Alain Resnais, Harun Farocki or Pietro Marcello – to name a director of the younger generation – who have employed archive material in their works. The course thus draws attention to the main uses of archives in cinema and audiovisual arts, illustrating different trajectories and approaches through case studies and critical readings. 


The course enables students to familiarize with the role and use of archive material in cinema and audiovisual arts.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods


Examination information

Paper. Language: English or Italian (according to the reference language of the Master course). 

Further readings, in addition to those indicated, will be provided during the course.