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Tourism Stories (Hub)


Visentin C.

Course director


The course is divided into four sections (tracks), each worth 1,5 ECTS. First, the coordinator will teach the introductory module dedicated to Travel and Tourism Innovation. Then, three selected speakers (university professors, journalists, travellers, and field experts) will teach their modules in intensive form, alternating frontal lessons, case studies, and project work. 

The course will focus on emerging trends: new travel styles (Staycation, Digital Nomads, Gypset, Backpacker culture, Voluntourism/Tourism and International Cooperation, Female/solo travel, Ageing Society and InterG Travel) or new, expanding niches (Dark Tourism, Halal Tourism, Black Tourism).


International Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries in the global world; it produces a constant flow of innovation combining creativity, technology and sustainability. Different disciplines combine in theoretical analysis, and new perspectives come from society regularly. The course aims to reflect this changing nature of tourism, offering the students an in-depth study and reflection on the most innovative trends in contemporary tourism.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Frontal lecture and group work.

Examination information

After a preliminary test on the theoretical part (handbook), the students, working in groups, will prepare and discuss a different project work for each of the three modules held by the guest speakers, developing and deepening one aspect of the topic. The sum of the evaluations of such projects will determine the final grade.