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Event Management


Davidson R.

Course director


To give students the knowledge and skills necessary for the organizing of events in the fields of business, sports, politics and for the non-profit sector.

To enable students to familiarize themselves with key actors in the events market, including sources of demand, suppliers and intermediaries.

Description / Programme
The business of event management plays a key role in tourism, in sports, culture, and in business. In this course, students will get acquainted with the main strategies used when planning and managing events, learn about the key roles of stakeholders in events, risk assessment and feasibility models in addition to event resourcing and organizational approaches in order to manage successful events. Students will work on creating an event concept and developing an implementation plan for a major business and leisure destination.




Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Interactive lectures.

Group in-class exercises

Examination information

Group presentations on a specific event project.

Individual exam to measure students’ understanding of the course content.