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Launching FinTech Ventures


Schueeli M.

Course director


This comprehensive course will guide students through the entire venture building process, covering various aspects including team building, product ideation and development, financing, and generating liquidity. Practical application of these concepts will be emphasized through a group project. The theoretical framework will encompass an exploration of key players and the latest trends in fintech, regulatory considerations, and industry outlook.

Textbook: There is no mandatory textbook for this course. Instead, the lecturer will utilize a combination of slides, real-life cases, and other interactive in-class activities. Students will be encouraged to explore additional reading materials from a curated list.

Class attendance is mandatory and expected. 


Upon completion of this course, students will possess the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully launch a fintech venture.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

This course adopts a hands-on approach, minimizing traditional theory delivery (PowerPoint-based lectures) in favor of engaging methods such as case studies, guest lectures, and other in-class activities.

Examination information

rd Group Project (60%): Students will form groups of 2 to 3 individuals and collaboratively work on a fintech venture starting from day one. The venture will be pitched to real venture capitalists (VCs) and presented to the class.

Oral Exam (30%): This exam will evaluate students' understanding of the concepts taught throughout the semester, including an individual pitch of their group project.

In-class Activities and Homework (10%): Regular participation in in-class activities and completion of assigned homework is required.