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Health Policy


Mantwill S.

Course director


This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of health policy-making, emphasizing evidence-informed decision-making and the principles of a learning health system approach. 
The course will offer an international perspective on health policies and their impact, focusing on the Swiss healthcare system. The course will engage Swiss healthcare system stakeholders to provide practical perspectives and real-world examples. 
By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze health policy critically and to promote evidence-informed decision-making.


•    Understand and review major concepts, principles, and theoretical approaches guiding health policy approaches 
•    Develop skills in critically evaluating health policies and their potential impact on population health and healthcare delivery
•    Examine the Swiss healthcare system’s structure, financing mechanisms, and policy-making processes.
•    Explore the role of stakeholders in health policy formulation and implementation, including government agencies, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patient organizations.
•    Understand the concept of evidence-informed policy-making within the context of health policy development.
•    Examine the challenges and opportunities in translating evidence into policy and practice, and develop skills in critically appraising and using evidence to inform health policy decisions 
•    Explore the principles and components of a learning health system and its potential for improving health outcomes..

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods


Examination information

  • Group contribution (e.g., case studies) during class (20%)
  • Individual contribution during class (20%)
  • Individual written examination (60%)
  • 80% of the lecture has to be attended in person

Additional readings will be provided online via the learning platform, including: 
•    selected articles and reports on health policy, evidence-informed policy-making, and learning health systems
•    Swiss health policy publications and reports
•    relevant case studies and policy briefs from international organizations