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Religions and Violence II


Granaroli B.


Menon M.



The course “Church and Peace” is composed of three different parts. These are three different historical screenshots, respectively: Late Antique, High Middle Ages, Contemporary Church History. The course tries to show how religious history relies on different periods from very different sources. Firstly, an edict, i.e. a legal document, secondly a medieval chronicle, thirdly an encyclical, the public contemporary history with its multiple sources. Through this partition are not only three different contexts but also three different meanings of “religious peace” to be seen.


  • Giving highlights on a vast topic of church history, in three different historical periods
  • Using three kinds of sources and scientific literature from different disciplines

Teaching mode


Learning methods


Examination information

At the end of each term of the course, the student must take a written exam. It focuses on the topics covered during the course as well as on the texts listed in the recommended bibliography.
The exam consists of 5 open questions. Each answer must be 3000 characters long, including spaces.
The exam paper must be uploaded onto the dedicated area on the eLearning platform, during the one-week long exam session. 

Dates can be consulted in the academic calendar.