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Tourism and Transport


Scagnolari S.

Course director


In general, the course "Tourism and Transport" is a Master's level course that examines the relationship between tourism and transport using applied examples from economics, geography, and marketing. 

More precisely, the course will explore the interplay between mobility choices and tourist activities, as they influence each other in a mutually reinforcing manner, under the guidance of economic and market forces. This dynamic interaction can be observed in various scenarios, such as how the availability of efficient transportation options can stimulate tourist demand for specific destinations, or how popular tourist attractions can drive the development of transportation infrastructure in order to accommodate visitor influx.

The approach is multidisciplinary. Students will gain the ability to map key elements of this complex relationship, understand correlations between transport modes, networks, and flows, comprehend the nature of mobility demand, and evaluate the importance of transport network connectivity and accessibility in tourism development. 

They will also explore various models of spatial interaction in transport and their implications for tourism flows and development.

Among others, the course will cover the following topics: 

  • Transportation networks and flows 
  • Transportation demand
  • Connectivity and accessibility 
  • Current and future trends in urban transportation, land transportation, air transportation, and maritime transportation 
  • Sustainable mobility

Additionally, the course will delve into the latest trends and future projections for urban transportation, land transportation, air transportation, and maritime transportation.

Teaching mode

In presence