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Religions and Human Nature


Granaroli B.


Menon M.



The course is designed from a philosophical perspective. It is proposed to address the concept of religion from a perspective that enables the establishment of a dialogue between the different religions. To achieve that purpose it will be necessary to reflect not only on the dogmatic contents of religions, but on their relations with the ethical dimension of the human. The latter brings us to human nature itself, especially with regard to the dignity of the person, which cannot depend on the religious content to which it adheres, but on an ontological constitution of the person. At this point it will also be necessary to examine the possibility of a dignity without having to resort to dogmas.


  • Understand the centrality of religion in human life.
  • Recognize the ethical implications that exist in religions and the greater or lesser way the respective dogmas can be associated with them.
  • Examine the conditions of the possibility of interreligious dialogue on ethical

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Examination information

At the end of each course, the student must take a written exam. It focuses on the topics covered during the course as well as on the texts listed in the recommended bibliography.
The exam consists of 5 open questions. Each answer must be 3.000 characters long, including spaces.
The exam paper must be uploaded onto the dedicated area on the eLearning platform, during the one-week-long exam session. Dates can be consulted in the academic calendar.