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Marketing strategy and planning


This course is meant as a "capstone" course. It considers some key marketing strategy issues facing organisations in depth and more critically. The course focuses on the main steps of the strategic market management process, with a particular emphasis on alternative strategies and outcomes. Both the traditional customer-centred view and the value-based views of marketing are considered. A critical approach is employed to discuss enduring controversies in marketing strategy and planning. Through this course, students will refresh their awareness of key marketing tenets, acquire an advanced knowledge of marketing strategy, develop relevant analytical skills, be able to think critically about marketing strategy, and be able to make strategic decisions to deal with specific business situations.

Course relevance
Among business disciplines, marketing is the primary contact point between a business and its customers. Nearly everybody will, at some point in their career, wear a marketing hat. Thus, understanding marketing is beneficial regardless of one´s professional background and career direction. This course develops an advanced strategic management viewpoint in planning and evaluating marketing decisions. It will help students understand the importance of marketing as a key strategic driving force within organisations.

The final assessment for this course is based on a final written exam worth 80% of the final mark.

There is also a group-work element, worth 20% of the final grade.

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Merlo O.

Course director

Sun Q.


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