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Digital marketing


Schedule: Monday (17:30 - 19:15), from September 19th until December 19th 2016, room A-32.

The Digital Marketing course is open to a maximum of 70 students. Enrolment on iCorsi2 is from September 1st until September 12th. Please note that the priority is given to students in Marketing, Corporate Communication and Media Management for whom the course is part of their minor. The remaining spots will be filled randomly with all other enrolled students. The participants' list will be available on September 13th.

Course Description:

This course is designed as an introduction to the rapidly evolving world of marketing in a digital environment. It blends theory with an applied perspective. The course content is structured into three parts starting with paid media, followed by owned, and earned media (i.e. social media). The overall emphasis will be on paid media. The objectives of this lecture will be mainly met through lectures, text readings, practical exercises, and in-class discussions. In addition to the lecture, and as a major part of this course, students will participate in an exercise called the Lugano Online Marketing Challenge (LOMAC). Further, they have the chance to receive extra training and an official Google AdWords Certification by attending the optional Google Digital Marketing Bootcamp. These two parts of the course are described in more detail below.

The Lugano Online Marketing Challenge (LOMAC) is an online marketing competition organized by the IMCA institute as part of the Digital Marketing course. Students will work in groups to manage their own online advertising campaign (using Google AdWords) for a local business. The goal of this activity is to give the opportunity to students to apply the knowledge gained during the course in the field. At the end of the challenge, students will present their results in class and to the local businesses. The evaluation criteria of the work will be explained at the beginning of the course. This part of the course accounts for 30% of the grade.

(Optional) The Google Digital Marketing Bootcamp is an intensive full-day frontal lecture held by a Google Digital Marketing Specialist on Monday, November 14th, 2016 from 9:00 until 18:00 in the USI Auditorium. During the bootcamp, students can acquire both introductory and advanced knowledge related to the online marketing tool Google AdWords. Students who pass the online quiz at the end of the day will receive an official Google AdWords Certification. Seats for the bootcamp are limited. Registration is open to all USI students, although priority will be given to students of the Digital Marketing course. Students of the Digital Marketing course can earn 5 bonus points by attending the bootcamp.

Reference book (no purchase required):
No book required

The grading is exam and 30% group presentation as part of the LOMAC. Students who fully attend the Google Digital Marketing Bootcamp will receive 5 bonus points counting towards the exam grade.

Due the limited number of participants, enrolment is required.
Each student needs to be able to use his/her own laptop to class, if required.

Google Digital Marketing Bootcamp




Hofstetter R.

Course director

Maione S.


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