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Advertising and branding


Strategic Marketing

The course is concerned with building, measuring and managing brands over time, and with how to leverage advertising and the other elements of the marketing communications mix to build and strengthen brand equity. Firms are increasingly becoming aware that one of their most valuable assets is the brand associated with their products and services. Creating strong brands that deliver customer value, and maintaining and enhancing the strengths of those brands over time, are management imperatives. Implementing efficient and effective advertising strategies is a crucial part of this process and while many fundamental concepts in advertising remain unchanged, the online world also provides novel ways for companies to build brand equity. In this course we look at both fundamental and enduring principles of brand advertising and novel ideas in online branding.

No textbook is set for this course. Instead, students will be provided a reading pack containing readings for each topic.

The final assessment for this course is based on a final written exam and a class presentation in the last lecture. The relative weight of each component is: 80% Final exam, 20% Class presentation



Merlo O.

Course director

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