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Advanced Networking


This course covers advanced topics in computer networks, with a blend of theoretical and practical topics. On the theoretical side, the syllabus will cover mathematical foundations of networking, including discussions of queuing theory, information theory, network design, and traffic engineering and optimization. On the practical side, the syllabus will cover concepts and designs related to modern network architectures and technologies (e.g., data-center networks, software-defined networks, data-plane programming), protocols (e.g., SPDY, HTTP/2, IPSec), and services (e.g., Zookeeper, DHTs). Students will gain hands-on experience with topics discussed in class through a series of exercises using network simulators and emulators.




  • S.Keshav, "Mathematical Foundations of Computer Networking"
  • R. Kurose, "Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach"


The course is not offered in the academic year 2017/18



Carzaniga A.

Course director

Additional information

Academic year
Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Elective course, Lecture, 1st and 2nd year

Master of Science in Financial Technology and Computing, Elective course, Lecture, 2nd year

Master of Science in Informatics, Elective course, Lecture, 1st and 2nd year

Master of Science in Software & Data Engineering, Elective course, 1st year