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Marketing research


The course introduces students to the general marketing research process and provides a broad overview over some of the most common research methods in marketing. After an introduction into empirical research, we discuss how to set up a research process around a problem statement, and how to carry out subsequent field research in order to obtain relevant primary and secondary data. We discuss survey designs, questionnaire development, interview techniques, focus groups, observational data, case study methodology andexperiments. At the heart of this course are the typical qualitative and quantitative research methods, with a focus also on data analysis. As we take an applied perspective, we will further emphasize practical application of the theoretical knowledge through exercises and discussions with guest speakers from the industry.

Recommended Books
Marketing Research - An Applied Orientation, Naresh K. Malhotra, 6th Edition, Pearson.

The grading will be made up by an individual written exam (70%) and group work (30%).



Gibbert M.

Course director

Miniero G.

Course director

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