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Communication in the media industries


The Media branch is a rapidly changing world in itself - and communication is one of the driving forces of the branch. But communication is also "tricky": Media journalists, covering journalism and the media, will inevitably have to report about competitors and, occasionally, about their own employer. PR experts of media companies have "direct access" to the newsrooms of their own companies, but may be blocked by journalists from competitors. For both groups, bloggers can be a great source of information, but also "a pain in the ass". With media monitoring, communications researchers can provide more transparency how the media industries and their newsrooms are covered by others.
The purpose of the seminar is to make participants aware of the cultural differences in creating transparency about journalism and the media industries, the potential of improving communications, and ultimately the opportunities how communication instruments in the media branch might be used more thoroughly and more effectively. As future media managers should know about the risks and effects of media PR and media journalism, the course includes many practical exercises and uses the European Journalism Observatory as a platform for discourse.



Russ-Mohl S.

Course director

Ertz G. L. V.


Wilczek B.


Additional information

Academic year
Master of Science in Communication in Media Management, Core course, Fundamental knowledges, 1st year