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Business to business marketing


Most business transactions take place between companies and customers that are businesses and other organisations, and not between companies and individual consumers or families. The scope of this course is to explore the workings of industrial or business markets where customers are businesses and other organisations, and what peculiarities there are when it comes to marketing. In particular participants will learn:

  • how to assess business markets, understand customer needs, and interpret the dynamics of business markets;
  • how to conceive and put into practice effective solutions to problems that arise in relationships with customers;
  • how to develop market strategies and organise the company for effective performance.

Ford D., Hakansson H., Gadde L-E & Snehota I. (2011): Managing Business relationships, Chichester: J. Wiley& Sons
Anderson, J.C., J.A. Narus & D. Narayandas (2009): Business Market Management. Understanding, Creating, and Delivering Value. 3rd edition. Upper Saddle, River NJ: Prentice Hall.



Snehota I.

Course director

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