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Event Management


Events play a key role in tourism, sports, culture, politics and business. In this course, students will develop a comprehensive knowledge of the design, management and marketing of events, based on best practices as reflected in theory and in application.

By the end of this course, students will:

  1. Understand the key processes involved in designing and managing events;
  2. Recognize the contributions of the key stakeholders to the success of the various types of events analyzed throughout the delivery of the course;
  3. Demonstrate an innovative and creative approach to the design, management and marketing of an event in the context of a specific project

The assessment consists of two parts:

  1. Group project: students will actively participate in the Swiss Meet the Future Award competition. This initiative of the Swiss Event Management Circle (EMC) offers students the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge in a real-life project. The group project work for the Meet the Future Award competition will start during the first week of the fall semester.
  2. Individual written exam: this gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the extent and depth of knowledge and understanding they have gleaned from lectures and (in-class) group work assignments.


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Davidson R.

Course director

Additional information

Academic year
Master of Arts in Economics and Communication in International Tourism, Core course, Fundamental knowledges, 1st year