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Philosophy of Mind and Language


In this course we shall discuss the way perception provides reasons. We shall address two main questions. The first question, which belongs to the metaphysics of perception, concerns the content of perception. What do we perceive and how should we think of the relation between the way the world appears to us in perception and the way it is? In this context we shall consider various theories, mainly representationalist theories as opposed to theories of ‘direct’ acquaintance. The second question concerns the way perception justifies our beliefs about the external world. We shall ask wether perception offers immediate justification, as opposed to the view that perception justifies only insofar as it is mediated by belief. Central to this question is the relation between justification and reason.



Nida-Ruemelin M.

Course director

Soldati G.

Course director

Additional information

Fall, Spring
Academic year
English, Italian
Master of Arts in Philosophy, Core course, Core Course, 2nd year