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Sustainable Design: Methods and Tools


The seminar highlightes two main aspects: HOW TO OVERCOME THE LEGACY OF CARBON MODERNITY? and HOW TO BUILD IN THE AREA OF GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE?. The collective character of sustainable design shapes the seminar’s framework for challenging existing practices in architecture; the seminar combines the practice of sustainable design with broader concerns on “environment-making” (Jason Moore) in times of the Anthropocene. By highlighting the perspectives of different actores (such as architects, researchers, editors, and artists), basic principles of sustainable design and architectural perspectives on sustainability will be introduced. Every afternoon session formes an autonomous workshop, comprising lectures, discussions, and exercies. The series of workshops are centred around topics like “Postpetrolism”, “Ecologies of Housing”, “Digital Concrete”, “Urban Bricolage”, and “New Materiality”.


Roesler S.


Raffetseder J.