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Aesthetics and the Ethics of Landscape and Garden


"Utopia. Today?" Through periods and authors of the philosophical, but also artistic-architectural tradition, the purpose is to get a clear focus on the cultural mediations, not only cognitive but also imaginative and historical-social, that substantiate the various ideas of utopia, ranging from the forms of ideal cities to those of the garden and primordial nature, of mythical and religious derivation. The course seeks to explore the utopian dimension in its innumerable interpretations, which are invariably also spatial, nurtured by what Ernst Bloch indicated as the “principle of hope”. Not forgetting, however, to highlight the risks and dystopian reversals always lying in wait again. This theoretical itinerary will also be accompanied by an active call addressed to the students, invited to conduct, on the basis of the theoretical contents of the course, a propulsive-fantastic exercise, their interpretation of utopia, of the space of happiness, today: or in the time of the fall.


Emery N.


Buzzi S.