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Architecture as sense of space. Architecture as sense making.


Architecture is the creation of human space. In learning architecture, one does not only learn how to read and respond to one’s context but how to exercise a discipline in its own right. In creating human space, the architect gives rise to a sense of space and a sense for its occu-pant. A sense-making building is not supposed to be referential or particular but should pos-sess a general validity. The first year course introduces the students to the basic foundation of architecture, the ar-chitectural space itself. Students have to develop thoughts and ideas around a given subject and materialize them into a project. The proposed subjects are a holiday house in the first semester and an architecture office in the second semester. Projects have to be developed out of an idea. The formulation of the idea sets the premises for the experience of space.


Olgiati V.


Albrigo S.


Sulaj L.