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Project BSc2-I: Housing


We will be working on the fallow lands of Berlin, specifically on the rainwater basin of the old airport of Tempelhofer, inactive since 2008. Until recently, it was an infrastructural space entirely isolated from the public that has, since its closure, turned into a pocket of nature, with its own biodiversity. Fallow Lands can be understood in many ways, in German the word Brache has strong cultural and ecological connotations to post-industrial landscapes and agricultural origins. These marginal spaces were once described by Sola Morales as Terrain Vague, where modernist architects regarded them as anomalous spaces to be controlled. The landscape designer, Gilles Clément set out in his Manifesto of Third Landscape, a new attitude towards these abandoned spaces, identifying them as reservoirs of biodiversity. Both semesters will be in Berlin, the aim being to learn how to co-exist with the Jardin Planetaire and create alternative concepts of landscape.


Juacaba C.


Bailey M. T.


Merz V.


Monacelli Bani L.