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Project BSc2-II: Housing


There are multiple kinds of boundary: geo-political, natural, imaginary boudaries. The proposed site is Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro; the biggest favela in Latin America. The specific boundary between the favela and the ”Ecological Park of Rocinha" is our focus. Rio de Janeiro has immense preserved green areas and a continuous boundary between city and forest. Brazil has a huge housing deficit and the favelas are actually a solution, found by those who need to invent their home. The intention is to develop housing projects that allow everyone to be better connected to the nature through improved public areas; the housing projects will bind the green area of the ecological park and the existing informally built areas together. We will consider both the informal routes already placed and the scale of the informal houses that reinvent themselves everyday. During the first exercise students will make a comparison study of selected Brazilian and international housing projects.


Juacaba C.


Bailey M. T.


Merz V.


Monacelli Bani L.