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Project BSc2-II: Housing


Thinking through Drawing: Shared Living, domesticity and Comfort “To dwell” always exceeds the limits of the domestic sphere. In this sense, we will be questioning the traditional sense of urban housing, as a space able to accommodate simultaneously different desires and ways to inhabit home and city. Prompted by the current demand for affordable housing, the challenge is thus to develop multifamily housing in the city of Porto. The specific stage is the Avenida da Boavista which means “Good View”. This 6.5km long axis runs down from the city centre towards the Atlantic Ocean. On its way, it crosses many diverse urban areas and neighbourhoods: dense, scattered, commercial, residential, service and even rural. The aim is to find what is unique and non-transferable in each given circumstance, and explore urban articulations and the corresponding architectural typologies, from the compact corner building, to the openness of the standalone block.


Alves Guedes C.


Borlenghi L.


Ortalli G.