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PhD Skills in Philosophy


The aim of this professionalization course is to train students in the skills required to be accepted into a PhD programme in Philosophy.


The sessions of the Autumn Semester will be devoted to:

  • How to orient in the philosophical world. From finding sources and news to how to submit a paper to an academic journal.
  • How to read a philosophical paper.
  • How to exercise your philosophical writing.
  • How to write a philosophical paper.
  • How to prepare and run a presentation, and some other conference skills.
  • How to use LaTeX and Beamer.
  • ...


The sessions of the Spring Semester will be devoted to:

  • Why do a PhD in Philosophy?
  • How to prepare a PhD application.
  • How to apply and find funding for a PhD in different countries.
  • How to write a personal/academic statement.
  • How to write a research proposal.
  • How to write a writing sample.
  • ...


Many professors of the MAP will contribute to this course.

The final evaluation is based on a mock dossier for a PhD application. More information available on ICorsi.



Costa D.

Course director

Mulligan K.

Course director

Gigli P.


Berto F.

Research assistant

Calosi C.

Research assistant

Marmodoro A.

Research assistant

Maudlin T. W. E.

Research assistant

Sattig T.

Research assistant

Wuethrich C.

Research assistant

Additional information

Fall, Spring
Academic year
Master of Arts in Philosophy, Core course, 1st year