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Workshop: Transversal Territory


One of the major challenges of our time is to rethink what we mean by ‘environment’. For a long time this term has designated an ‘around’, an ‘elsewhere’, an ‘outside’, a fuzzy reality that meant everything that was not invested in or urbanised by humans, and therefore would not concern us, or only indirectly. It is now essential to readjust our view of it, to rethink the notion of the environment as a space that is part of us, with which we are inextricably linked. The aim of this workshop is to nourish our imagination and to broaden the scope of our environmental sensitivity, through another possible experience of our own living space. Students will carry out artistic-landscape-architectural interventions in the industrial and commercial zone of Mendrisio, including the local community in the process. At the end of the workshop, the public will be invited to experience and share these interventions.


De Perrot A.