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Building Physics


Molina M.

Course director

Palma D.



The course is founded on the interaction between the theoretical bases and applications relevant to built projects. The topics to be dealt with in the course will be: Light in construction: management of natural light in the project for comfort and safety; materials (optical quality and energy); lighting technology (constructional solutions). Sound in construction: protection against noise; acoustic design; use of materials, spaces and volumes; construction solutions. Energy in construction: geometry, orientation of the building and management of the envelope; materials (thermal and hygrometric properties); low energy impact buildings; construction details. Requirements for the design of modern concepts of heat generation from renewable energy sources.


The course provides fundamental knowledge for selecting and evaluating concepts and for designing building solutions in the areas of lighting technology, noise protection, spatial acoustics, protection against overheating in summer and the sustainable use of energy consumption. The requirements for the design of modern concepts for heat generation with renewable energy sources are integrated into the course.

Learning methods

75% Frontal lesson
25% Practical exercises

Examination information

Written during the exam session