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Construction Details 2


Guidotti G.

Course director

Panizza R.



The construction of an architectural work is the result of a complex and articulated process that cannot be reduced to the unidirectional transposition of a design idea into a built fact. The course includes the elaboration of a project on a concrete theme that will be developed from the scale of the city to that of the construction detail. The course will be held on the basis of discussions and critiques arising from the graphic works presented from time to time by the individual groups of students. The structure of the course therefore requires continuous participation throughout the semester.


To develop the student's construction skills not so much as learning a set of merely technical notions, but rather as learning the ability to translate an architectural idea into built fact in a rational, sensitive and coherent manner.

Learning methods

15% Frontal lesson
75% Practical exercises
10% On-site visits without accommodation

Examination information

Assignments throughout the semester, oral final examination based on work done.