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Project II: Atelier Miller


Miller Q.

Course director

Golicza E.


Honegger P.



Every new research which generates an architectural form is related to human perception, our memory and ourselves – individual and collective experience, which we can explore and overlay. Through an analysis of artefacts, the remnants of history concretely lived through by society, we comprehend the origins of forms. By studying a specific context we avoid superficial and indiscriminate projects.


We set ourselves objectives: precise thoughts, intentions clearly articulated and appropriate proposals, whether they are radical or moderate. If our architecture achieves precision, coherence, and ambiguity, it has far greater potential to remain durable, meaningful and sustainable as a basis for the human condition over a multitude of generations.

Learning methods

The course aims to teach a design methodology that is culturally embedded in the context. The chair continuously mirrors and questions the strategy proposed by the students. The aim is to enable them to adopt an independent architectural stance that integrates a strong formal design into a whole.

Examination information

The work in the studio, the intermediate submissions and the final presentation including the critiques are an integral part of the course and form the basis for the assessment.




Study trips

  • To be defined, 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)
  • To be defined, 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)