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Master of Arts in Philosophy (MAP)


The Master in Philosophy at USI aims to allow students to deepen their understanding of philosophical problems, to develop the ability to think, argue, write and speak clearly and effectively, and to become acquainted with aspects of current research in philosophy and the history of philosophy.

It aims to provide an absorbing grounding in a number of interrelated fields, to equip students with several skills of great value in the job-market, and to qualify students for teaching positions at high schools as well as at lower levels, and for the most demanding PhD programmes.

It aims to combine contemporary philosophy and the history of philosophy within the framework of a unified, thematic approach. In 2017-18 the topic of the programme is time - physical time, time in culture, society, history and art, and the awareness of time. Teaching and courses in metaphysics and social ontology, the philosophy of mind and history, aesthetics, the logic and linguistics of time and tense, and the history of philosophy, ancient and modern are designed to give a solid grasp of some of the many aspects of time. The detailed exploration of the philosophy of time aims to provide a full grasp of one central philosophical topic and an introduction to contemporary research in philosophy and the history of philosophy.