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Institutional Development Service (SeSI)


The Service supports the implementation of the institutional development strategy of the Università della Svizzera italiana by pursuing the objectives of institutionalization of fundraising and relations with the various stakeholders. The purpose is to expand the traditional activities of research and education by developing and supporting activities, projects, and events aimed at strengthening the relationships between various stakeholders: the university’s community, the world of research, foundations, businesses, economic operators in general, institutions, and citizens.

To this end the Service:

  • fosters relations with foundations, associations, institutions, individuals, and other relevant entities, aimed at social, economic, scientific and cultural projects within the territory;
  • develops fundraising activities to support social, economic, scientific and cultural projects of the territory;
  • and promotes projects for which the Service is responsible.

To whom the Service is addressed:

The Institutional Development Service supports the University’s community and acts as a collector of project proposals that are aligned with the University's mission, its strategic direction and its priorities and that require funding not derived from competitive research.

The Service also:

  • provides technical opportunity advice for project ideas and support for projects that require direct or indirect external financial support;
  • provides support during all the phases of management and implementation of the project and related databases, in relation to projects sustained by external funding;
  • coordinates the development of the institutional portfolio of projects to be funded;
  • monitors funding opportunities for projects that are under the responsibility of the Service;
  • develops, maintains, and coordinates the monitoring of the relationships with patrons, donors, sponsors, and funders.