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Start-up Promotion Center (CP StartUp)


Entering the job market after graduation is an important milestone in the life of a student. It is also a real test-bed for the preparation acquired during University years. Today’s professional environments, centred on innovation and competition, reward creative and competent professionals who are able to generate work and wealth.
For these reasons, the Board of Trustees for the Lugano Faculties of USI has created the Start-up Promotion Centre: a service helping Swiss and foreign graduates with innovative ideas to develop them into enterprises. The service targets especially USI and SUPSI graduates (SUPSI is the University of Applied Sciences in Southern Switzerland) and takes advantage of these universities’ scientific, technical and management expertise to assess the feasibility of proposed ideas and projects, supporting their development and realisation.
USI and SUPSI graduates who intend to start up a business can also request access to the “Company Accelerator”, located near the USI campus in Lugano and operated by the Start-up Promotion Centre. The Accelerator provides suitably equipped spaces, infrastructures and common services: prospective entrepreneurs will be able to develop their business projects in a favorable environment, at close quarters with other similar initiatives.