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Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi (LabiSAlp)


The Laboratory of Alps History (LabiSAlp) is a natural emanation of the Institute of Alps History (ISAlp), active at USI from 2000 to 2005. Since 2006 it has been integrated within the Institute for Contemporary Urban Projects at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.
LabiSAlp´s main focus is the Alpine space, in its economic, social, cultural, demographic, and political aspects. From these angles, LabiSAlp investigates both its endogenous historical dynamics and its interactions and exchanges with the extra-Alpine world.
LabiSAlp headquarters are symbolically located in a border area, at the convergence of linguistically, culturally and politically diverse regions: the archetypal crossroads between Northern and Southern Europe. This choice reflects its mission of creating bounds and promoting communication and collaboration among researchers interested in Alps history, as well as among universities and centres of historical research through the entire Alpine Arc, thus helping to generate synergies for research on the territory.
In addition to its own research projects and the organisation of conferences, LabiSAlp houses the secretariat of the Association for Alps History (AISA), coordinates AISA´s programme of events, and publishes the annual journal "Histoire des Alpes - Storia delle Alpi - Geschichte der Alpen" (Alps History).