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Marco Cucco


Marco Cucco received a PhD in Communication Sciences in 2009 at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI, aka University of Lugano), where he served for many years as teaching assistant, post-doc research fellow, lecturer and coordinator of the MSc in Media Management. He was also member of the Swiss network "Réseau Cinéma CH/Netzwerk Cinema CH", coordinated by the University of Lausanne and the University of Zurich. Starting from September 2018, he is Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy).

He has been a visiting PhD student at the City University of New York (USA, 2007-08); visting scholar at the University of Lorraine (France, 2012), at the University of Leeds (UK, 2015, Swiss-European Mobility Programme) and at the University of Udine (Italy, 2016, Swiss-European Mobility Programme). He has also been adjunct professor at the Université de Strasbourg (France, 2016) and at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, in Milan (Italy, 2015-2018).Within the initiative "The week of the Italian language in the world", he gave special lectures at the Capital Normal University (Beijing, China), Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), Shanghai Academy Theater (Shanghai, China) and Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt).

His research interests concern film economics and policy (main investigation areas: USA, European Union, Italy and Switzerland), US high-budget movies, European co-productions and the outsourcing of film shooting.


  • How film industry works
  • How film industry is regulated
  • Public film financing
  • Blockbuster movies
  • International co-productions
  • Mobility and outsourcing of film & TV shoots
  • Film commissions, film offices and local film funds
  • Italian film industry
  • Swiss film industry
  • Business models of TV broadcasters