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Silvia Albesano


Silvia Albesano studied in Pavia, where she graduated with a degree in Romance Philology under the supervision of Cesare Segre, and in Heidelberg, where she earned a Phd and worked as a language assistant between 1997 and 2000. She worked on the 14th century reception of Boethius' Consolatio Philosophiae in Italy («Consolatio Philosophiae» volgare. Volgarizzamenti e tradizioni discorsive nel Trecento italiano, Heidelberg, Winter, 2006, awarded the Cesare Angelini prize 2006 - section young researchers); on the 14th century tradition of the Vita Nova (; on the linguistic thinking in the De vulgari eloquentia. She took part in «ArchiLett900 - Archivi letterari lombardi del Novecento», with the University of Pavia, a project funded by the region of Lombardy and the Soprintendenza archivistica, and she edited the volume A carte scoperte. Repertorio dei fondi lombardi del Novecento. Archivi di persona (Milano, Officina libraria, 2009). In Lugano she has collaborated with the ISI and with the local Archivio Storico on the anastatic reprint of the editio princeps of the Dizionario imperiale by Giovanni Veneroni (Frankfurt am M., Zunner, 1700 / Arnaldo Forni Editore, 2011). She authored the linguistic profiles that accompany Letteratura italiana. Canone dei classici, edited by Carlo Ossola in collaboration with Giacomo Jori, Torino, Utet, 2012.