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Leonardo Conte


Leonardo Conte graduated in Economics at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (UCSC), with a minor in Quantitative Methods for Economic Sciences. After earning the MSc in Economics and International Policies at the University of Lugano (USI), he was appointed as Teaching and Research Assistant for the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) where he is now PhD student in Communication Sciences. In addition, he teaches the course in International Business Economics of the M.S. in International Management -emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Change- at Franklin University Switzerland (FUS). During his academic studies he took some specializing courses abroad, in Australia and the UK, which he then deepened by achieving the Diploma in Development and International Cooperation at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). Finally, he has been Research Contributor at the Italian Institute for the Future (IIF) and Junior Research Fellow of the Harvard Policy and Institutional Research Project (PIRP). Once back in Ticino, he was temporarily Regional Director of foraus, the Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. Last but not least, he founded the association Rethinking Economics Lugano and the newborn national network Rethinking Economics Switzerland. 


Leonardo Conte is currently pursuing his interdisciplinary research on the border between Economic Sociology and Marketing. In particular, he is focusing on the performativity of Economics, the sociological analysis of Behavioural Economics and the "Responsibilization" of consumers. His main project is about the impact of "Nudging" practices on consumers, with a specific focus on their use by for-profit firms.