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Miaotong Yuan


Agnes Miaotong YUAN

Research field:

Media Technology. National ICT Policies. International Standards.

Agnes got BA and MA from Communication University of China on Media Technology and second BA from Beijing International Studies University on English Literature. She holds a Ph.D. from Communication University of China and Universität der Künste Berlin on Audio Engineering, guided by Prof. dr. J.N. Matthes.  Her current Ph.D. research topic on ICT Policies and International DTV Standards , is under the guidance of Prof. Gabriele Balbi and Prof. Matthew Hibberd.

Recent Publication :

●YUAN Miaotong & Ye Sicheng , (2015). Development of audio signal transmission technology in digital networking: Take AES67 and RAVENNA as the examples, Audio Engineering, (9):75-80.

●YUAN Miaotong & Ye Sicheng , (2015) . AoIP and Livewire, Audio Engineering, (12): 80-83.

●YUAN Miaotong & Ye Sicheng , (2016) Talk about the developments of professional studio monitor: On Genelec 8351 acoustically coaxial SAM system, Audio Engineering, (1): 25-29.

●Ye Sicheng, YUAN Miaotong, (2017) On the recording ideas and methods for Jazz music: Mixing ‘Claudia’ (CRA Award), Audio Engineering, (2): 52-57.

●YUAN Miaotong, (2017) An informal talk on the international organizations in Switzerland, Business Culture, (3): 53-57.

●YUAN Miaotong, (2017) An introduction on Media System in Switzerland (I) , Business Culture, (4): 58-61.

●Ye Sicheng, YUAN Miaotong, (2017) On live recording and processing of piano concertos concert: RACHMANINOV Piano concerto No.4 in g minor,Op.40 (CRA Award), Audio Engineering, (5): 87-90.

●YUAN Miaotong, (2017) The Path of European Higher Education Internationalization, Business Culture, (5): 52-57.

●YUAN Miaotong, (2017) An introduction on Media System in Switzerland (II) , Business Culture, (8): 47-50.

●YUAN Miaotong, (2017) Digitalization, Standardization, Globalization, Business Culture, (9): 50-60.