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Cristina Monni


I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the STAR group, University of Lugano (USI, universita' della svizzera italiana).

My research topic at the STAR group is the development of original models for cloud reliability, in particular on fault localisation.

 I was previously a post-doctoral fellow in computer science at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

During my work at the Technion, I developed an original algorithm to improve the accuracy of fitting of fat-tailed distributions, such as power law, Yule, log-normal and Weibull. Such distributions are usually chosen to fig big datasets coming from man-made phenomena, characterised by high levels of noise.  The GM (Gil-Monni) algorithm is an effective fitting procedure which decouples noise and gives better accuracy than other similar methods.
I am still working in collaboration with prof. Gil at the Technion to improve the efficiency of the algorithm.

in 2012 I took my PhD in theoretical physics and I started my post-doc  in software engineering at the AGILE group, University of Cagliari, where I worked on the statistical characterisation and quality of open-source systems, using graph theoretical methods for bug prediction.