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Philip Di Salvo


Philip Di Salvo was born in September of 1987 in Como, Italy. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from the University of Milan in 2010, Philip continued his studies at the University of Lugano where he earned a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences in 2012 with a thesis on WikiLeaks. He's now a PhD candidate at the same faculty. His fields of research include digital whistleblowing, investigative journalism, and the relationship between hacking and journalism. Philip works as Italian editor of the European Journalism Observatory (EJO). As a freelance journalist, Philip writes for Wired, Vice and other news outlets.

PGP fingerprint (phildisa gmail com): FBCD 66C2 04B5 1B44 2FF8 C2FD A2F7 8990 7AFF 6E47