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Federica Maggi


Federica Maggi started a Ph.D in Economics at the Institute for Economic Research (IRE) in October 2014. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Economic science in 2012 and a Master degree in Management in 2014 at the Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano).

She is working on the project "Complexity and competitiveness. An analysis on Ticino economy." (, supported by Fondazione Ferdinando e Laura Pica-Alfieri (Lugano). Aim of the project is to analyzing Ticino competitiveness following the approach proposed by Hausmann and Hidalgo (2011). Complex products require a higher level of capabilities, decreasing the number of countries able to produce that goods. Is there "diversity" in the Ticino production? Are there complex assets, produced only in Ticino (low ubiquity), which increase the competitiveness of the region? We want to answer these questions in our analysis.

She worked on the project “Lugano Internazionale: relazioni transfrontaliere di produzione” ( Aim of the project is to analyze Ticino’s transborder production flows, with particular attention on Lugano.

Her research interests concern international economy, with particular focus on imports / exports, exchange rates, sectoral change (from manufacturing to services) and foreign direct investment.